Is dedicated to the sweet pastry treat and everyone who enjoys it.

According to legend, the treat was invented in the 1930-1940s when a baker from St. Louis used far too much butter in his coffee cake batter. Instead of wasting them, he sold the gooey cakes as is and received positive feedback.

It was a delicious happenstance that has since become a staple of modern cuisine. It has become a traditional dessert in St. Louis, Missouri, and White Gables in Tulsa, OK.

The cake is flat and dense and has a rich, sweet, and solid texture. Its main ingredients are cake flour, milk yeast, sugar, butter, and eggs. It stands roughly one inch tall on average and is coated with powdered sugar as a final touch. Typically, the cake is divided into smaller pieces, similar to brownies. It is frequently served as a coffee cake or casual after-dinner dessert.

Gooey Butter Cake comes in two preparations: the original (made at White Gables and by Martha Stewart) created by the Bakers Company in St. Louis, and a cream cheese and commercial yellow cake mix variation (made famous by Paula Deen).

National Gooey Butter Cake Day, the holiday, was officially founded in 2019 by Schnuck Markets.